Jewellery Services

We believe that our clients are looking for something unique and aim to provide original design. From delicate and understated jewellery to large and bold statement pieces, Rockman always trys to provide clients with something rare and interesting

Gary Rockman believes that the success of Rockman Jewellery is down to the high level of customer service they provide. His reputation extends far beyond Mill Hill and he still services a select group of private high profile clients including Middle Eastern Royals. Gary is happy to arrange home visits by appointment.

If you cannot find exactly what you want, Rockman will endeavour to source jewellery from their wide circle of trade connections. If this is not possible a bespoke piece can be made.

Jewellery Repairs

Rockman Jewellery offer an efficient reliable repair service. No repair is too small and with access to advanced techniques such as laser soldering, Rockman is capable of carrying out repairs that others would not attempt. From basic sizing to stone replacement and re tipping ,we offer a competitively priced service with free quotations.

Rockman's Tip:

Pop in and have your stones checked to ensure that your diamonds and jewellery are secure. Re-tipping (claw reinforcing) or a new setting or claw is often far less costly than replacing a lost stone that is valuable, both financially and sentimentally.


Gary has a fantastic eye for detail and he has imaginative ideas to design a bespoke piece of jewellery.  With new CAD (computer aided design) there is no limit to what Rockman can create.  Gary is happy to source and supply his own stones or work with clients’ stones.

Rockman's Tip:

If you own or have inherited a piece of jewellery that you do not wear why not re model it into something completely different? Let Rockman inspire you.


At Rockman Jewellery we offer a variety of polishing services to restore your gold, silver or platinum jewellery to it former glory . Rhodium plating will restore whiteness to white gold as over time it will discolour with a yellowish tinge.  Jewellery can also be re plated yellow, white, rose or black.

Rockman's Tip:

Why not try a different texture to create a contrast on a piece of jewellery such as a satin or sand blast finish or plate a piece of gold a different colour.

Watch and Clock Repair

Rockman has an excellent watch and clock repair service that includes: –

  • Fully guaranteed battery replacement with resealing and waterproofing on all leading Swiss brands.
  • Full Service and overhaul
  • Glass replacement.
  • Case and bracelet polishing
  • Dial restoration.
Rockman's Tip:

Once the case of a watch is opened, unless it is resealed correctly, it cannot be guaranteed that the watch will be waterproof any longer.

Watch Sourcing

As well as stocking Swatch, Rockman can source many new time pieces including Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Tissot, Breitling and Longines.

All watch and clock repairs are under taken from battery and guaranteed reseals to servicing and glass cutting.

Rockman's Tip:

You will be suprised what savings can be made from the recommended retail price!


Rockman re string all types of pearls from fresh water to large south sea pearls. We also restring gemstones and coloured diamonds.

Rockman's Tip:

Pearls rot from the inside out and pearl necklaces should be restrung at least every two years depending on how often they are worn.


Rockman specialises in hand and laser engraving. Any design or graphic can be displayed on a piece of jewellery.

We carry out seal engraving from any given crest and can engrave on stone as well as metal.

Rockman's Tip:

A great way to personalise a piece of jewellery is by having it engraved.

Corporate Gifts

Rockman can design and make company gifts and merchandise bearing company logos, slogans and Coat of Arms.  We also works with schools and charities such as Mill Hill School and the Children’s Variety Club.

Rockman's Tip:

Corporate gifts can be a great way to show appreciation and create awareness.


Rockman can carry out valuations for insurance and probate, or between parties in matrimonial disputes.

Rockman's Tip:

In recent years due to the high metal and stone prices, a lot of jewellery is not valued at the current retail replacement value and you may find that you have invalid cover as you are under insured. This could mean you would not get paid out in the event of an insurance claim.

Diamond Cutting

Rockman specialises in diamond cutting.  Despite the theory of a diamond being the hardest material known to man, diamonds can be chipped. A diamond can be repolished to remove chips or to improve the overall appearance of a stone.  Certain black inclusions can sometimes be removed depending on where they are positioned within a stone.

Rockman's Tip:

If you inherit a Victorian old cut diamond it can be re cut into a modern cut with the correct proportions that can increase the value and scintillation of your stone.


Gary has experience in all aspects of the jewellery trade ranging from the testing of gemstones to manufacturing and retail.

Gary appears regularly on QVC and can be hired to give television interviews and radio expert jewellery knowledge. For any further information please contact Gary Rockman

Gold coins and Bullion

In recent years with high gold prices and volatile markets there has been growing interest in coins and bullion.  Rockman buy and sell coins and bullion to both collectors and investors.


Rockman's Tip:

Coins can be a good investment and are exempt from VAT